Trust is not enough

How can you trust HackFence?

That is a good question. Of course we know that you can trust us, but how do you know.. Are they good or bad? That is why we partner with referrers you already know. It maybe your hosting company, your accountant, your plugin builder, your security officer or your webdesigner. They know we can be trusted and if not you or they can contact us. And you can always Google us and see for your self. Referrers support the trust we all need.

But is trust enough?

We say no, trust is not enough. It is not only trust you need to lay your site security in the hands of HackFence. What you are looking for is skilled people with a curious view on websites. Fast response on attacks with the right tools. And that for a good price.

This is what we do.

HackFence is an anti malware, anti hackers service for WordPress websites. Everything runs through tuned processes that are fully monitored by our security engineers. Further we got:

- Heavy security on our on website and database.
- Frequent training of our Staff and Security Engineers.
- Solid contracts with our Security Engineers.
- Teams working outside office hours to meet the global time scales.
(We have offices in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka and manage your site while you sleep.)
- Transparency: You can see which Security Engineer handled an alert.
- Transparency: You can follow our activities when you login to our website and study your Graphs.
- We follow the security news.

You can do the security of your site by yourself but we are faster, better and cost less. Your site is in our trusted hands.