The HackFence Story

How it began.

It was in the spring of 2013 that we were confronted with serious hacking attacks to our WordPress websites.
The attacks became heavier by the day and at some point we had to get one of the websites down. We were at war with a Russian hacker.
He got on one of our other websites, installed malware, used our e-mail accounts and installed Russian language packs.
Our hosting provider warned us several times and sandboxed the site more than once.

Something had to be done if we wanted to keep the website.
And yes, we didn't want to lose this war.

What we did.

So we installed all kinds of security plugins and tested them over and over again. Some of them were good and some of them were better.
And we decided to keep the best.
You will be shocked to see how many attacks are made to a website every day. Dozens of times Hackers try to login to your website every day. And they keep trying until they succeed.
Now we use plugins for:
1. Tracking what happens on the website.
2. Block illegal visitors.
3. Scan for and destroy installed malware.
4. Block certain countries.
5. Reorganize the database.
6. Warn us immidiately.

As a bonus we programmed a scheduler that plans extra tasks for scanning and maintenance actions.

All the plugins from all the websites report to a central database.
At that point we run special software that smartly filters all the alerts, warnings, problems, notifications and scheduled tasks.
The software categorizes and prioritizes the incoming messages so we know which alert has priority and which one we can ignore.
This way we also gather Big Data about hackers and malware and we are learning more and more about them. Big Data enables us to tune the Anti Malware and Anti Hacking processes and make them more secure.

HackFence security engineers

What can we do for you.

HackFence is a Managed WordPress Security Service. That means that our Security Engineers login, scan and maintain your website.
In 2016 we started to share our service with the rest of the world so you can benefit too.

- We keep your plugins and WordPress core scripts up to date.
- We scan your site for Malware.
- We optimize your Database.
- We block Hackers.
- We block Countries.
- We track those how try to open Pages that are not found.
- We track the availability of your website.
- We make the settings of your site more secure.

Form our offices in The Netherlands and Sri Lanka our Security Engineers are watching websites all over the world and act at the moment they sense something strange. They login and block the hacker or destroy the installed malware at once.
After that we keep following your website and take extra steps if necessary.
You can register your site right now, we will help you secure your web presence.